Genocide does not require hands-on killing: “Guns are not necessary. Mass death camps are not necessary...[H]olding back necessary supplies & aid for political purposes constitutes genocide & has led to some of the most tragic moments in human history.” 1/
GENOCIDE. Donald Trump is threatening to commit GENOCIDE by denying or delaying life-saving supplies to Americans because they live in states that denied him electoral votes or are served by governors who refuse to lie and praise him.
What Trump is carrying out is the beginnings of a politically motivated genocide, even if he does or doesn't understand. Start from there. Look backwards. See how American myth has hidden these crimes and others. 22/22
What Donald Trump is proposing is genocide. You don't need guns to commit genocide. You don't need camps or armies. All you need is the choice to deny life-saving resources because of political differences. It's genocide and so many people will die.
Again. Please listen. Withholding life-saving supplies in a pandemic because a state didn’t vote for you or if the governor didn’t say nice things and help your reelection campaign is genocide. We’re watching the beginnings of genocide.
This article starts off with the terse line, “Donald Trump is a traitor.” Then it shows that he is actually far, far worse. And more dangerous. He’s instigating a genocide.