Our #TutorTakeover today is from Dr who has shared 'The History of English' with us! This website features sections on language issues (how new words are created), a timeline showing its chronological development, and full sources and links!
Curious mind? Keep your brain active during lockdown with 's collection of free online resources. Discover 1000s of historical materials, observe tropical birds in Panama, delve into the world's largest collection of African poetry and more:
Recommended by Professor , watch this fascinating TED talk by examining how evidence can be distorted in the news. Watch 'Battling Bad Science' here: or head to to discover even more! #CuriousMinds
Another #TutorTakeover today from ! She recommends – a digital platform publishing 'engaging articles that deepen understanding of the past, & which reflect upon present-day issues & agitate for change in the world we live in now.'
As part of #CuriousMinds, discover more about the untold stories of the generations of migrants who came to and shaped the British Isles. #OurMigrationStory's aim is to be a useful resource for anyone interested in Britain’s migration history.
Our #TutorTakeover today is from Associate Professor in Archaeology, who recommends the Viking Ship Museum’s website! Explore the ships and take a tour of the fourth wing - where you can view all of the detailed grave gifts found with the ships.
Make sure to check out our brand new Curious Minds Podcast! In 'Episode 1: Medieval Perspectives on the Pandemic', Dr Elizabeth Gemmill explores medieval accounts of epidemics and their uncertainties about the causes, course and consequences of disease.
Today's #TutorTakeover is from Departmental Lecturer in Physical Sciences, Professor Bob Lambourne! He recommends some online resources to help you gain a better understanding of the universe and Einstein’s theory of gravity. Find out more:
Five brand new free resources have just been added to our newly refreshed Curious Minds page! ✨ Discover thousands of historical materials from or delve into the world's largest collection of African poets from and more!
Today’s #TutorTakeover is from Tony Buxton who recommends we explore the work and thoughts of William Morris. He shares the podcast which outlines the way in which Morris believed beauty in work and life should be available to all.
Today's #TutorTakeover is from Director of Studies in Music Jonathan Darnborough who highlights two classical music resources to enjoy! An illuminated visualisation of Bach’s 'The Well Tempered Clavier' from AND 's music archive!
Curious Minds has had another complete new refresh! Delve into the BBC Writers Archive, take a walking tour of Croatia from your home, and admire the most detailed-ever photograph of Rembrandt's 'The Night Watch' – just a few of the resources to enjoy! ✨
Associate Professor in History of Art & Design, Claire O'Mahony is today's #TutorTakeover! She recommends the British Fashion Council project – learn more about the careers of Paul Smith, Dame Mary Quant and their contributions to fashion.
Discover this collection of curious objects from French prehistorian Adrien de Mortillet's amulet collection and the intriguing stories behind them, from the Museum. Find out more about 'Small Blessings' here! #CuriousMinds
Today's 'Tutor Takeover' free resource is from ! She is proud to share VIDES – a student-produced journal of the MSt in Literature and Arts. The 2020 issue contains interdisciplinary essays on a remarkable range of subjects. #CuriousMinds
#CuriousMinds: Learn about a remarkable period of Scotland’s history – the Scottish Enlightenment – through printed sources, manuscripts, and maps from the National Library of Scotland’s collections.
Today's #Tutortakeover is from Christine Jackson, Associate Professor of History, who recommends The National Archives online platform - particularly the 'reading old documents' tutorials. is also running a series of online talks & webinars!
Gordon Reavley hosts our #TutorTakeover today, recommending that we all go and explore the online Aubrey Beardsley Exhibition Guide from the . Watch the curators discuss the illustrator's ‘short and scandalous career’ and learn more about the artist.
#CuriousMinds 's digital content unlocks the expertise of hundreds of leading scholars, making the history of art accessible. Its mission is to open museums and cultural sites, creating access to world-class resources for learners — for free.
A new #TutorTakeover today is from who shares 'Lexico' – an online platform which helps users worldwide with everyday language challenges. Frank particularly recommends its grammar pages which provide a 'terrific guide to English grammar'.
Getting bored yet? Then you can't have discovered
'Curious Minds' - Terrific WFH and homeschool resource from with dozens of available lectures, podcasts, video from dozens of disciplines + links to live stream , : Grazie and colleagues