Portuguese government has decreed that ALL asylum seekers and ALL undocumented migrants with pending applications for residence are AUTOMATICALLY granted and may access ALL STATE PROVISION including healthcare and benefits. I'm going to faint.
Die portugiesische Regierung gewährt allen Migrant_innen und Geflüchteten, deren Anträge noch in Bearbeitung sind, mit sofortiger Wirkung das Aufenhaltsrecht - und damit auch Zugang zur sozialen Unterstützung und medizinischen Versorgung.
Portugal regularises all #immigrants who have applied for residence permit by 18 March, when state of emergency was declared. Application serves as evidence for access to health care and social assistance. 👍🇵🇹
The Portuguese government has regularised the status of migrants and asylum seekers with pending applications, granting temporary residence permits, so that they can access public services, such as healthcare during the coronavirus crisis
👏👏 Portugal regularizes migrants with pending residency applications in the context of covid-19. Protection for the must vulnerable while ensuring public services are not strained by bureaucratic residency processes
It can be done - the UK government should follow suit immediately 👇👇 The Portuguese government have given *all* migrants with pending residence applications *automatic* access to *full* state support (h/t )
#Portugal took by far the most sensible, humane and effective action: it regularised #migrants/asylum seekers with pending applications, granting temporary residence permits and access to public services. This will also facilitate access to work 👏#COVID19