New analysis of the outbreak in Florida, where experts say there is a “huge public health crisis” coming: —cases double every 3 days —acceleration mirrors NY —only 40,000 tested —no stay at home order
. and I dug into Florida’s Coronavirus numbers. We found that infections in Florida are growing so quickly, we're on track to see tens of thousands of confirmed cases in the coming weeks
"Epidemiologists may disagree on the nuances, but they all agree on the main point: 'We understand the math well enough to say with great confidence that Florida is going to have a huge public health crisis. We are just at the beginning of it right now'.”
‼️The number of #COVID19 cases in #Florida is *DOUBLING every 3 days*—putting #FL on a trajectory similar to #NY. FL is projected to have tens of thousands of #coronavirus infections in a few weeks. *still* hasn’t ordered a #lockdown.🤬
"The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Florida is doubling every three days. Florida remains one of the few states with a large outbreak not to issue a statewide order to keep residents at home."
Public health experts say it will take the more extreme step of shutting down the state to halt the disease’s rapid spread in FL. I believe the experts. , stop deflecting responsibility on other states. This is on you, #ShutFloridaDown.
Florida's Governor today blocked the Tampa Bay Times and the Miami Herald from attending his COVID19 briefing. That's because they know what is going on. Cases in Fla are growing at the same rate as New York.
Some public health experts believe that without interventions like a statewide shutdown, Florida could look like New York does now.
Please ⁦⁩ - your mishandling of #COVID19 will be your legacy - our state deserves better. So many of our residents are at risk and we haven't taken this seriously enough as a state.
I think most of us knew Florida was the next disaster: Florida coronavirus cases are growing fast. Here's what that means. - Tampa Bay Times