Malaysia restricts grocery shopping to male household heads. Chaos has ensued in supermarkets as confused men wander around aisles with bits of paper in their hands. BBC News - Coronavirus: Malaysian men in shopping muddle amid lockdown
Malaysia restricts shopping to heads of households only. Creating hoards of confused men who’ve never done groceries in their lives
This is amazing. Malaysia is only allowing the head of the family to leave the house, so men are doing the shopping - and failing miserably.
The Malaysian government's decision to allow only "the head of the family" to leave the house to shop, as part of measures to suppress the Covid-19 coronavirus outbreak, has had unintended consequences. #foodstudies #culture #genderroles #COVID19
The rare fun coronavirus read
Gender roles in the pandemic. You gotta laugh at this. Malaysian men (assumed to be head of family of course) struggling to (finally) do the food shopping. "Govt allowing a man to shop unsupervised? Disaster."
A positive change in gender norms and roles or a gender-blind policy? Coronavirus: Malaysian men in shopping muddle amid lockdown