MORE: Strong enthusiasm for Joe Biden among his supporters—just 24%—is the lowest on record for a Democratic presidential candidate in 20 years of ABC/WaPo polls. 53% of Pres. Trump’s supporters are highly enthusiastic about supporting him.
NEW: Among Democrats and Democratic-leaning independents who prefer Bernie Sanders for the nomination, 15% say they’d back Pres. Trump over Joe Biden in the fall.
Poll: 15% of Sanders supporters say they’ll vote for Trump in Nov
While Republican voters vote for what they believe, no matter how extreme, Democratic voters are perennially playing themselves, voting for what they think other people want. The result:
BREAKING: Joe Biden has emerged as Democrats’ top choice for the presidential nomination in a new News/Washington Post poll—but with a massive enthusiasm gap in a potential November matchup against Pres. Trump.
Voter enthusiasm determines if you win or lose the general election. Biden has the lowest percentage of "strong support" in 20 years... and that's now. Wait until all the stuff the press has hidden from the public in the primaries comes out. He's doomed.
Biden's 24 percent "very" enthusiastic mark among his backers in a November matchup with Trump is the lowest for a Dem candidate in / data since 2000.
NEW / Post poll - In a head to head matchup Biden v Trump are locked into essentially a dead heat among registered voters, Biden 49% Trump 47%
NEW ABC/WAPO POLL: — 15% of Bernie supporters would support Trump over Biden
If this doesn't scare Democratic supporters of Joe Biden about his electability strength, it's hard to know what would: It's possible to win an election by scaring people about your opponent, but it's much easier when people are enthusiastic about yours:
Fancy Bear and the St. Pete trolls can phone it in this election
Biden consolidates support, but trails badly in enthusiasm: Poll Because he’s the “safe” choice, but not the best one. ⁦
"...Biden’s slipped against Trump in a November matchup. The two are locked into essentially a dead heat among registered voters, 49-47%, Biden-Trump, after a slight Biden lead, 52-45%, in February." [email protected]/ poll 3/28/20 #Trump2020