Trump officials are talking loosely about when rallies can resume, looking at end of April/early May, and looking at whether they can be done differently so attendees aren’t all pressed against each other.
Everything about campaigning has changed in the coronavirus era. Candidates are helping with groceries, hiring the newly out-of-work, raising money on Zoom and talking about only one thing. w/
The election is frozen, and it’s unclear what that means. From perspective of Trump campaign, so long as Trump doesn’t implode, they see it as an advantage, depriving Biden of television time and fundraising hours.
“It’s a defining moment,” said Henry Barbour, a Republican National Committee member from Mississippi, adding of Mr. Trump: “The more he reassures Americans, gives them the facts and delivers results, the harder it will be for Joe Biden.”
Rep in the Chicago burbs culled his phone list to people 60+ and has volunteers calling them with seniors-only hours at local supermarkets. “Nobody wants to talk about my thoughts on carbon pricing,” he said.
“The presidential campaign, which typically dominates news coverage for much of the year, could look more like one of Britain’s six-week general election sprints.” ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦
"From the White House to the county courthouse, the coronavirus pandemic has drastically upended the 2020 elections"
New: An election transformed. 2020 will be a referendum on the response to a crisis gripping every American in a way no single issue has since perhaps the 1944 campaign w + >
This is what political fundraisers look like now. MO gov candidate talking to a virtual cocktail party on zoom while supporters mix their own drinks.
How Coronavirus Has Transformed Elections Across the U.S. - The New York Times
Amid questions about whether the GOP convention will go ahead and whether it can solicit enough sponsorship $ from companies laying people off, officials say the host committee has raised $51 Mill of the $65 mill budget.
Asked America First, the Trump super PAC, about complaints from campaign aides that they aren’t doing enough to provide air cover as Biden gets outside support. Their reply from Brian Walsh: “We’ve been polling in target states throughout this pandemic..”1