It is important for our shared humanity to understand that people are dying.
Gutting story about a woman who raised six kids on her own and survived breast cancer, and died of the coronavirus. “She was a supermom, you know?” by
Tonight, a @910Superstation listener called in to ask what more he can do to get people to understand the seriousness of #COVID19 & #stayhome. I shared the following story of a mother of 6 who had to say goodbye to her children through a walkie talkie.
Sundee Rutter, a single mother of six and breast cancer survivor, died as a result of the coronavirus. Her kids had to say goodbye over a walkie-talkie.
An extremely heartbreaking story from . Six siblings had to say goodbye to their mom via walkie talkie from outside her hospital room as she lay dying from the coronavirus.
She beat cancer and raised 6 kids after her husband died. They described her as “kind, beautiful, caring, and goofy.” She loved it when they taught her new dance moves. Sandee Rutter. #covidfallen