We must respond decisively – with shared responsibility & global solidarity - to stop the spread of #COVID19 and the devastation it is causing everywhere. Here are the three steps to tackle the crisis and recover better:
We need global solidarity and shared responsibility to effectively respond to #coronavirus crisis, says new report on socio-economic impacts of #COVID19.
The is establishing a new trust fund to help low- and middle-income countries respond to the #coronavirus emergency and recover from the socio-economic shock. We're in this together, and we must get through it together.
"What the world needs now is solidarity. With solidarity we can defeat the virus and build a better world." -- at report launch on socio-economic impacts of #COVID19.
SG just launched integrated strategy foe Covid-19; w/health response accompanied by socio-economic & recovery measures. Key ingredients to win this battle, with Resident Coordinators, and country teams in frontlines:
. has called this is our moment of truth. As we continue to fight #COVID19. The SG has offered a response to help engage global action at country-level to support those least able to recover. Shared responsibility. Global solidarity.
The is launching a #coronavirus recovery plan to #BuildBackBetter "coordinated globally across all sectors for the benefit of our human family" “#COVID19 is the greatest test we have faced since the formation of the #UnitedNations”
"It is vital that in response to #COVID19 countries keep #SDGs and climate commitments in focus to hold on to past gains, & in the recovery, make investments that propel us to a more inclusive, sustainable, resilient future." Read more here ⬇️
Help developing countries! "Otherwise we face the nightmare of the disease spreading like wildfire with millions of deaths & the prospect of the disease re-emerging where it was previously suppressed." [email protected]
This is an extraordinary report from the UN on COVID recovery
Here's a thread with useful links that get at the point: First, the UN Secretary General's speech: . 1/
❗Just launched: Secretary-General report “Shared Responsibility, Global Solidarity: Responding to the socio-economic impacts of #COVID19 ." The message is clear - we must see countries united. Read more and download report here:
"The recovery from the COVID-19 crisis must lead to a different economy" | United Nations
"The recovery from the COVID-19 crisis must lead to a different economy" Read new report on socio-economic impacts highlighting the urgency to support developing countries - “Shared Responsibility; Global Solidarity”
"The recovery from the #covid19 crisis must lead to a different economy "Everything we do must build more equal and sustainable societies that are more resilient in the face of pandemics [and] climate change" says
“...we must tackle the devastating social and economic dimensions of this crisis, with a focus on the most affected .... especially those in humanitarian and conflict settings.”
I joined #G20 Finance Min & CB Govs for 2nd extraordinary mtg. welcomes #G20 plan on #COVID19. But new report on socio-economic impacts: highlights urgency to support developing countries - “Shared Responsibility; Global Solidarity”
In a call to action says” We must see countries not only united to beat the virus but also to tackle its profound consequences”. The recovery from the COVID-19 crisis must lead to a different economy. 👇🏽
S-G launches Trust Fund to support LICs & MICs in overcoming the development crisis caused by #COVID19. He notes: "The recovery from the COVID-19 crisis must lead to a different economy". Initial supporters include Norway & Sweden
“It is essential that developed countries immediately assist those less developed to bolster their health systems and their response capacity to stop transmission.”