It's not the economy *or* deaths. Opening up will still stall the economy *and* lead to excess deaths. We need to be cautious and not open up too soon.
Q: Which is better for the economy: Staying home or opening back up? A: Both cost us a lot & much is unknown, but one model suggests the economic burden might be lessened with staying home by ~$2 trillion. #stayhome #saveslives #savesmoney
"…a yearlong lockdown would shrink the economy by approx. 22%—a cost of $4.2 trillion…Without containment measures, the economy would contract by about 7%—but as many as 500,000 additional lives would be lost which translates into…about $6.1 trillion."
Can you put a price on COVID-19 options? Experts weigh lives versus economics
Modelers weigh value of lives and lockdown costs to put a price on COVID-19