I talked to 3 dozen people who live full-time in rural/resort areas (or who are debating leaving the city for their second homes) to write this piece on how the privilege to "escape" cities is gong to ravage rural communities
Excellent article on how the intersection of entitlement, mobility, and class play out in othered spaces and the communities that suffer in turn.
People are fleeing urban areas with high infection rates for the perceived safety and natural beauty of rural areas.
Rich people are flocking to rural communities to ‘escape’ coronavirus. Those communities, many filled with low-wage service workers who prop up the luxury vacation economy, are paying a high price for it.
please read on “disaster gentrification” and the genuine struggles for rural areas caused by wealthy people who are (understandably) looking for refuge but potentially costing lives.
Terrific deep dive by into rural studies: the tensions brought by today's COVID quarantine vacations are a harbinger for climate retreat.
"In Dare County, North Carolina — the Outer Banks — police have set up a checkpoint to turn back anyone, even a second-home owner, who’s not a full-time resident"