This is huge. "The Joint Commission issues statement supporting use of personal face masks provided from home amid COVID-19 pandemic" #GetUsPPE
Joint Comission comes out in support of healthcare workers wearing personal masks & respirators if their institutions won’t provide one. Homemade masks if proper PPE not available
Wow!! Wow. The Joint Commision approves healthcare staff bringing in their own PPE. Even homemade PPE These are extraordinary times. H/T
JCAHO stands up to #ProtectHealthCareWorkers supporting use of their own #PPE — but still need more, appropriate guidelines #GetMePPE #HelpUsHelpYou
The Joint Commission, the nation's oldest standards-setting body in health care, supports use of personal face masks provided from home for healthcare workers amid #COVIDー19 pandemic #coronavirus
Well. I’ll take it. #covid4MDs
Welcome to the party Joint Commission. Now, about those gowns as #PPE, can we get rid of them?
Joint Commission supports personal face mask use. #COVID19