This is unacceptable. Whistleblowers are the key to holding truth to power, of holding institutions accountable, of bringing to light information crucial to the public. The NHS' response to them seems to not be that much different to government.
This is why we need better whistleblower protection laws.
Outrageous that NHS doctors and nurses are being threatened and 'gagged' if they speak out about a lack of protective equipment. It is their duty to raise concerns about shortages during #Covid_19 if they believe it could put lives at risk.
NHS workers are being threatened with their jobs if they speak out about PPE shortages
NHS staff are being told not to speak out about widespread shortages of personal protective equipment #GetUsPPE
NHS staff 'gagged' over coronavirus shortages
NHS staff 'gagged' over coronavirus shortages
NHS staff 'gagged' over coronavirus shortages
this story by in is a few days old but is so bloody outrageous and shameful that it deserves another airing Good work by what were these trust bosses even thinking of and how have we allowed a culture like this to flourish?
Well we have west suffolk and then we have this (see below) what on earth? Staff who are going in every day seeing patients with Covid-19 and putting selves at risk being treated like this by staff who don't. Awful