Don't look now but it appears New York has turned this thing around
While the other four boroughs take a welcome slight rightward turn, the #Bronx continues its trajectory of increased deaths in #NYC from #Covid19. Now one person in 1,262 in the Bronx has lost their life to the pandemic Data from
New data and data visualizations of the NYC #COVID19 outbreak + other source data. #StayHome #StayHomeNYC
New #COVID19 data page now available. Grateful to the #nyc team.
NYC has released more detailed age-adjusted data on #COVID19 deaths by neighborhood, neighborhood poverty, and race. 30 deaths per 100K in #Soho & Gramercy Park, vs 400 in many distressed neighborhoods #healthequity #coronavirus
New York’s COVID graphs bring welcome news. Now it’s time to flatten the unemployment curve.
What does it mean that #COVID19 deaths are a ‘lagging indicator’? It means that any increase in #COVID19 deaths won’t be seen for some time after an increase in cases. I created this gif from NYC case and death data to highlight the relationship.
NEW: now reporting 1,374 deaths from #coronavirus thus far in city. Up from 1,096 last night. 278 new deaths in that 24-hour period.
We have updated our website to include more interactive data visualizations for #COVID19 in NYC. Visualizations include daily counts and rates by age, borough and sex. To learn more, visit .
NEW: City/state numbers continue to diverge. State reported total death toll, this AM, for #NYC: 2,624 City reported total death toll, this PM, for #NYC: 2,254 Difference is 370.
Kudos to the wonderful for a useful and important website showing recent data for #COVID19, which, unfortunately, remains heartbreaking.
#NewYorkCity #COVID19 data from yesterday reports ZERO new hospitalizations and ZERO new deaths for the first time since the data began on March 1st (new cases at 19, a low). 3 months of utter horror may be nearing an end due to great compliance by NYers.
New data from announced today on #COVID19 fatalities by race: We're seeing inequities in places and populations that have historically had underlying rates of chronic illness, which have put them at higher risk for poorer health outcomes.
Wow. Amazing new website providing real time stats and rates in New York City. Great job ⁦⁩ ⁦
Seeing NYC case trends, hospitalization trends and deaths side by side gets me each time. COVID is an equal opportunity infector for folks 45+ but man is it lethal for those 75+.
#NYC data as of 25 April 2020, from A bit of a jump in mortality across all boroughs, may be reclassification of some deaths as being due to the pandemic. Still climbing. Now one person in 577 in the #Bronx is dead of #COVID19.
According to the NYC Covid data site the positive rate in the city was above 50% from March 21 through April 12
The #Bronx death rate *still* not flattening. Queens also distancing from other boroughs. Grim milestone, we’ve passed 1/1,000: the Bronx has now lost 1/947 people from #COVID19. This Pandemic Is Disproportionately Killing People Of Colour (Data )
29 April 2020. Another 1.4-2.8% increase in number of deaths across #NYC boroughs. 1/526 in the #Bronx dead of #COVID19 Data:
The virus has largely run its course in New York City according to the city's website. So very doubtful that the risk is going to massively increase there.
Hey Thomas. The NYC Board just posted that they have included some backdated deaths over the last day: I'm trying to clarify with ECDC (our data source) as to whether this is the sole reason for the spike.
Dark line is an approximation for when the serological snapshot was taken. New case data for last few days is incomplete. NYC probably at 45% prevalence as of today.
Better deaths estimate (around 15,000) here. Implies 0.84% IFR
New York City: 9,562 confirmed coronavirus deaths and 4,865 probable coronavirus deaths
I'm no scientician, but doesn't this graph of New York virus hospitalizations show that it's over now? Source:
The best way to understand what is working is to have indicators readily and publicly available. Bravo to for publicizing tracing data and detailed (and disaggregated) case/death/test/etc data
New COVID data for NYC, with the breakdowns by borough, race and ethnicity.
One more stat from New York City: there are about 2 million people under age 20 in that city. Not a single one of them has died from the virus. Not one. Only 24 out of 2 million even went to the hospital. So why are schools & playgrounds closed? Source:
Nearly 16,000 people have died of #COVID19 in #NYC since January. Latest data:
90% of deaths and 75% of hospitalization in nyc seem to be of people over age 65. Why not target them for isolation? Why not seek to help them, instead of inflicting sacrifice on all of us?
. just rolled out a new #COVID19 data page which provides details on cases, hospitalizations and deaths. These insights can help us track the virus's impact on NYC⁠—including the disproportionate impact on Black, Latino, and poor communities.
Just in case folks need another reminder of what COVID19 can do, death count in NYC is now 16,936 out of pop 8.4M (0.2%). That means 1 in 495 people in ALL of NYC that were alive 6 wks ago are now dead of COVID-19. Let that sink in.
The NYC data suggests that the COVID-19 disease progression is indeed more severe for men. From cases to hospitalizations to deaths, the ratio of men to women increases from about 1.2 to about 1.7.
#covid19 cases, hospitalization and death rates by race/ethnicity in New York City from recently released NYC data available at
Assuming that there's no big 2nd wave, coronavirus ended up killing about 0.2% of the population of NYC. (That's a little less than half as deadly as the Spanish Flu was.) The equivalent for the entire nation would be 660,000 deaths.
Another terrible milestone crossed: Deaths in NYC 5/21/20: 21,003 (pop 8.4M) 1 out of every 400 people that were alive in NYC 2 months ago are now dead from COVID-19. Serology suggest ~15-25% exposed so unmitigated impact would probably be ~2x this.
#COVID19: Data - #NYC Health ⁦⁩ ⁦⁩ ⁦
. is not keeping up with latest #CovidNYC cases, hospitalizations and deaths. Who is in charge, ?
For instance, NYC *is* trying to count *probable* COVID-19 deaths, and their total (confirmed + probable) death count is about 1.5x as high as their confirmed count.
COVID-19: Data Summary - NYC Health Impressive differences due to economic inequality shown graphically across zip codes
"New York had 4,749 deaths as a result of influenza and pneumonia in 2018, according to the Centers for Disease Control". NYC = ~50% so ~2400. There have been 1867 deaths involving COVID-19. The epidemic is currently 78% as bad as 2018 flu season.
As of Sunday, NYC has 13k dead and still ~500 dying every day. Strongly suggests IFR > 0.5% (assumes 3m+ infected).
NY City first wave looks pretty good this afternoon. from:
Reporters covering NYC, help me understand something. Based on this data 20 new cases on Wednesday 18 hospitalizations on Tuesday 16 deaths on Tuesday I get that we can't hold parades this weekend, but... aren't these numbers worth noting?
Some good news from NYC. No. of new #coronavirus cases on 05/03 is 324 and no. of deaths 27, moving into the long tail of the curve. Hoping the lockdown sustains for a few more months. Glad to be in a state/city driven by science at least to some extent.
1/ "New York had 4,749 deaths as a result of influenza and pneumonia in 2018, according to the Centers for Disease Control". That's NYC. There have been 1867 deaths involving COVID-19. The epidemic is currently 39% as bad as 2018 flu season.
Hospitalizations are key. I touch on it in the doc but think a lot more analysis needed there. NY data suggests on a per capita basis, 10-12X more people are hospitalized over 65 versus 18-44 (and 100X more versus <18)
NYC #COVID updates. Note: due to delays in reporting, recent data are incomplete.
8. And yet at the same time there is a lot of evidence that many deaths are occurring but not being attributed to covid-19 even though they probably should be. New York city just added thousands of "probable" deaths to its totals, for instance.
(Source: NYC Department of Health
Fewer people in the United States are currently dying of covid each day, about 400, than died from it in New York City alone every day between April 1st and April 16th. #gratitude