"The leadership in Warsaw will be very closely watching the Trump administration’s reaction to Orbán’s authoritarian takeover in Hungary—and so will other budding autocrats...The next days and weeks will show if the United States is still up to the job."
.⁦:⁩ “[I]f there is one obvious historical precedent for this culmination of a decade-long effort to entrench the ruling Fidesz party, it is Germany’s Enabling Act of 1933...”
. beat me with a few hours in submitting a piece to about Hungary, but it's alright because it is a very good piece. Important point is that if we let Orbán get away, Duda will follow, as Orbán followed Erdogan.
Can the rule of law, a balance of powers, and democracy itself be preserved even in a pandemic? Yes, of course. on Viktor Orbán is important reading.
In the Bulwark, Dalibar Rohac shows how Viktor Orban is moving to the Hitler playbook of 1933---no real democracy and democrat should support him.That includes Bibi.
I doubt, Washington would do anything about Hungary, when it can accept Turkey in NATO, and have a special relationship with the Saudis. Orban, in comparison to Erdogan and MBS, looks like Gandhi.