This is scandalous. Why can’t ⁦⁩ Get Testing Done?
Just 2,000 key NHS staff have been tested, UK government admits, as the prime minister was forced to address mounting anger about the government’s failure to increase testing, just weeks after it had appeared to rule out such a strategy.
It appears there are surpassable roadblocks to mass testing. The PM needs to take direct control, and use the full machinery of government to address the under supply of tests and PPE. Speed is of essence. #NOMOREDELAYS
#Test #Test #Test Just 2,000 key #NHS staff have been tested, πŸ‡¬πŸ‡§ government admits. No. More. Excuses. Protect and support our #HealthWorkers. #COVID-19 #Solidarity ✊🏽
This explains the delays - Nicola Stonehouse ⁦ ⁦⁩ Production rules hampering coronavirus testing drive, say scientists | Coronavirus outbreak | The Guardian
Just 2,000 key NHS staff have been tested for #coronavirus, despite UK government pledges of mass testing. More false promises by . We will never end this pandemic without mass testing, contact tracing & enforced isolation of infected people
This is pathetic πŸ‘‡
A more sane, informed take on the issues around reagent shortage for COVID19 testing
This is correct - if rules were relaxed it would help vastly. "Production rules hampering coronavirus testing drive, say scientists"