Ending #Covid_19: It will take some time, but a #coronavirus vaccine is coming, and it will work. via
Nice piece on why COVID vaccines are likely to work well, and for long, based on differences betw/flu & SARS-CoV-2. Some optimism, albeit 12 to 15 months out.
I wrote this to answer that question. Bottom line, it’s not like flu and we’ll have a good vaccine.
Worried we might not get an effective #COVID19 vaccine b/c virus is mutating too fast? I’m a virologist & explain in why way coronaviruses replicate stacks odds of success well in our favor. Hint: it’s a cactus & not just b/c of its spikes.
Strong piece by on the prospects for a coronavirus vaccine. He thinks a vaccine will be developed and that we'll be able to keep up with future mutations should a COVID22 or COVID24 arise.
Why coronavirus won't be as resistant to vaccines as the flu
I’m no expert, but this article seemed convincing. The author has a PhD in virology from Harvard. It’s not guaranteed, but we have developed coronavirus vaccines before, and this vaccine is worth trillions of dollars. If it’s possible, we’ll do it.
Missed this a few days ago. A very good explanation to people like me of why immunity to covid should be robust, and why a vaccine should work well.