Hello and welcome to the only thing I will be thinking about today
I think we all need this “which fictional character matches your personality” quiz today. Gotta be honest, I will happily take its answer for me:
For anyone who needs this!
I took this totally scientific personality quiz, "Which Character” and got Astrid from #CrazyRichAsians! Who’s your statistical match? 🤣
OK, I fell into that personality quiz trap () finally and I actually like the results (love #5 most)!
I did that character personality quiz (), but I don't watch tv and I have no idea who any of the characters I match with are.
I don't know who that is. But all the GoT ones in my top 25 are pretty good and Joan Holloway is obviously a win.
Bashir is making the same face I did upon getting this result, so fair play, weird personality test, fair play.
I got Agent Mulder! And Dale Cooper -- my favorite TV show character from Twin Peaks -- was in my top - 5. Who did you get? #StayHome
I did the Open Psychometrics character test () that everyone seems to be doing and I'm mad as hell.
The top 10 most similar characters to me, based on the match of those character's ratings and my self-ratings:
Here's your team building exercise for Friday: which popular character are you online questionnaire. Here are mine 😬
Okay personality twitter, this is blowing up my fb feed & I can’t track down the owner, anyone know?
The fictional character personality quiz that's going around is pretty fun. Unsurprisingly I'm very similar to a bunch of fictional nerds and geeks, and very different from cool, suave characters like Don Draper. Yep, that checks out.
I took the TV character personality quiz and I never watched DS9 and so can't comment on my top match, but I'm delighted that my second-top is exactly who I always claim: Lady Willow Rosenberg.