"I'm very disappointed to see some school boards and administrators functionally giving up on themselves and their students for the rest of the school year." -DeVos talks to Education Week opinion blogger .
. on student loans: "All federal student-loan interest rates have been set at zero percent, and any borrower who is 31 days delinquent on their payments is being placed into an automatic forbearance status." #RHSU
(2/2) "In many ways, it's similar to the block-grant proposal we advanced in the president's budget proposal this year. That means local solutions to meet local needs." #RHSU
(1/3) asked about the perception of some districts that federal disability law presents an insurmountable barrier to remote education. Here's what she had to say...
Schools face an unimagined challenge. What is Washington doing to help? Today, I talk with U. S. Secretary of Education about the federal response to #coronavirus, the #CARES Act, & what is doing. At #RHSU.