Right now Americans are far more worried about the economy than they are fearful of catching #SARSCoV2 #COVID19 . And that schism will deepen as #unemployment benefits & business stimuli run out.
This week , , and I built a tracker for latest polling about COVID-19. Basically, people are terrified, but the partisan gap remains solid as ever. (Collecting this data was an extraordinary effort from our researchers Derek and Mary.)
Not a ton of movement, but the trend re Trump's handling of COVID-19 is not good.
It is becoming increasingly apparent to me that the problem with American politics is *not* that people live in echo chambers. No, the problem is that they are living in fucking la-la land
As much as the political world might be on the lookout for an "October surprise", having a COVID spike right before Election Day might be more important than any such surprise. Trump's approval ratings on COVID are much worse than his numbers overall.
This has been fairly noisy data but there has been a bit of a decline over the past several days in Americans' concern over coronavirus, although it's still very high.
An updating tracker of the latest polling data about Americans’ reactions to the president’s handling of the coronavirus outbreak
Interesting that Trump’s net approval on handling Covid continues to get worse.
How Americans view the coronavirus crisis and Trump's response
How many Americans are "very" worried about COVID-19?
Safe to say that " screwed up the COVID19 response" has been cemented into the political/public opinion story of 2020. Net approval on coronavirus now -16.4 points
You guys at The Economist are doing it amazingly well for the data on excess mortality But it doesn’t have to be so very well done. 538 does it like this and I can’t see how this costs much. It just means uploading the spreadsheet.
Trump's numbers on his COVID habdling are currently 43.5% approve and 51.1% disapprove. Have been getting a little worse each week.
3/ And if these #Trump disapproval trends hold, #Republicans that face reelection in November might want to start disassociating themselves from & his #COVID19 response. #Trump has been increasingly losing ground since early April.
The media & event agenda helps set criteria for voters to judge candidates. Even if illness generates personal sympathy, it puts COVID back front & center. And Trump’s net approval on COVID has been bad, about 8 points worse than his overall approval.
We also have a separate tracker of Trump's approval rating on coronavirus specifically. Right now that shows 48 percent approve, 47 percent disapprove. His approval has fallen slightly since a week or so ago, but not a huge effect so far.
American concerns about #COVID19, the economy and President Trump approval ratings by party via
29.2% of Americans are beyond hope, heads buried in sand, lost to us
86.2% Republican approval during the president's mishandling, and early denial, of #COVID2019 is like his claim that he could "stand in the middle of Fifth Avenue and shoot somebody" and not "lose any voters." #coronavirus #COVID19
How Americans View The Coronavirus Crisis?
How Americans View The #coronavirus Crisis And Trump's Response via