Left my home for the first time in weeks yesterday to talk with about Covid-19, Penis Fencing, Telomeres, Geometric Unity and Unification in theoretical physics. If you’re stuck at home check it out
Listening to and discussing our demand for growth and how much is fake. I have been railing on depreciation as hidden inflation and NDP vs GDP. This convo is resonating...
"We're coming up on Passover, a story we Jews read every year: When it's time to leave, don't wait for the bread to rise...You eat the goddamned matzah because the people who waited for the bread are dead." Why Americans should revolt over COVID failure
I’m certain that whatever it is that next becomes for the world, this interview will be seen as a pivotal moment in that evolution.
Appreciate the shoutout about our work ! Checkout the full interview here .
Whether you think he's brilliant or nuts, the last 40 minutes here are worth listening to for what it's worth. At the very least is taking a chance.