With surgical precision, obliterates the revisionist rightwing argument that the mainstream media systematically underplayed the coronavirus
Excellent piece by on the “blame the media for COVID-19” line in conservative media. I especially liked this part, as I’ve been struggling to find evidence of more than a handful of marginal people calling the 2/2 travel ban “racist”
New from me at : #COVIDー19 and the media-blaming narrative
As usual, ⁦⁩ starts with what political tribes accuse each other of in times of contention, then bothers to examine in detail whether the specifics indeed apply or the broader charges add up. It’s valuable work.
As documents in her seismic piece for : "The narrative of politically motivated media malfeasance relies on cherry-picking and, sometimes, outright misrepresentation."
Who was more partisan, the "mainstream" media or the MAGA media? Cathy Young deep dives and finds it's not even close. The Media Is Not the Problem with COVID-19 via
Is the MSM to blame for coronavirus? As meticulously shows here, some writers/outlets made errors, but accusing the media as a whole relies on cherry-picking, while Trump and large portions of right-wing media actually did downplay the danger
Very timely article by Cathy Young (), balanced and educational. In these times of error, clear sighted writers are invaluable.
. did an impeccable job dismantling this sort of evasive bullshit here
This, from , is so granular and so good. Great work, Cathy. The Media Is Not the Problem with COVID-19 via
absolutely nails the cognitive dissonance and conservative equivalent of "woke-ism". Just put fingers in your ears and scream "FAKE NEWS" until you're blue in the face. #COVID19 #COVIDIOT #TrumpCoronavirusTestFailure #TrumpLiesAmericansDie
This is a very comprehensive dismantling by of American conservative blame-shifting on coronavirus.
Mainly agree. I've occasionally downplayed it too, and occasionally overplayed it too. But this is because no one really knows for sure what the facts are, and what the best approach is. Maybe someone will use the slogan, "It's the virus, stupid".
"The same people who accused the press of overhyping the coronavirus are now claiming that the press is to blame for the America’s failure to take it seriously—not the president..."
> The Media Is Not the Problem with COVID-19 via
Excellent dissection of how the media covered the early phases of the #CoronavirusPandemic and why most conservative critiques of that coverage are flawed.
The media is not the problem. This is a good deep dive on media coverage of #COVID19 and it finds that allegations of ideological bias in the mainstream media are largely due to cherry-picking and misrepresentation.
This from ⁦⁩ seems fairly comprehensive.
After weeks of underplaying the pandemic as a threat, some folks have switched to saying mainstream media institutions underplayed the threat too and deserve the real blame. True? examines the evidence.
I’m all for finding solutions — and I never cast aspersions on this question your way. But I’m not sure you’re version of the blame game is any better than the one you’re opposing. I’d ask you to look at ’s exploration of the topic.
Compare 's evisceration yesterday of the "MSM got the virus totally wrong too" narrative /9
Oh and my article is here in case you missed it
I have a piece that discusses your critique along with far more political media-blaming from the right. Would love your opinion
I hope you mean "wow" as in, "What utter bullshit."
Agree with Cathy Young on this. If you just read newspapers from January on, there’s a decent chance you “saw it coming” on the pandemic, because there was quite a bit of coverage.
Cathy Young brilliantly dissects the media on the virus---and takes on Trumpists who falsely blame the media which they say was meant to harm the President and themselves spread Trump excusing propaganda.
This is good from Cathy Young. We should appreciate when people find their better angels during a crisis.