Italy underestimated the coronavirus outbreak at first, then officials ordered a national lockdown to contain it. A month later, officials warn it is still too soon to reopen.
“We realized the virus was here too late.” Italy’s leaders waited weeks to lock down the country as the coronavirus spread. A month later, officials warn it’s still too soon to open back up.
it's been almost a month since Italy locked down all 60 million of its citizens — we looked back at the country's outbreak, from the first confirmed case, to see how officials underestimated the spread of the virus
How and when will #Italy's #lockdown end? "That’s a really big question we’re trying to answer. We’ve never been in this situation. It is unprecedented." comments in the 👇 #COVID19
Italy’s Coronavirus Shutdown Came Too Late. A month later, officials warn it is still too soon to reopen via #COVID19
Italy's rate of confirmed new cases of #covid19 peaked almost three weeks ago. And they're still losing >500 people a day. [Cf: ]
Hard to imagine now: on day 6 of Italy's Corona virus crisis (300+ cases), the mayor of Milan unveiled a campaign, “Milan Doesn’t Stop,” allowing bars to remain open in the evenings. And on day 12 (2000+ cases), its cathedral reopened to the public.
This article by NYT assumes that the decrease in new cases in Italy was only due to the lockdown.. they note how the hardest hit provinces are having fewer new cases. In fact, this is also due to many cities having reached herd immunity
One of the clearest analysis of the 📈evolution of Italy's #COVID19 in this interesting #Infographics from the to analyze the 🇮🇹Italian response and the measures taken➡️.
A lesson for the president and governors of states not locked down: you are are denying science... because of you, more Americans will die.