Sit down and chat with for 10 minutes and you will see why he is a wonderful colleague, innovator and storyteller. Here is a great interview with the man himself.
Happy Monday! In today's #interview we are talking to ! We talk about getting into #BehavioralScience, but also about the #research in #Neuroeconomics. It's a beast of an interview (length wise at least), so make sure you start early!
Thanks to and for the engaging conversation about Professor Camerer's reflections and prognostications. Delightful to read! #behavioraleconomics #behavioralscience #decisionmaking
A really interesting interview with Colin Camerer, a behavioral economist at , about his motivation and his passions. #brain #science #neuroscience
The success of #BehavioralEconomics came from importing basic concepts & methods, putting them in the right place, going from compelling thought experiments to careful demonstrations,to simple models & structural model applications to field data—
Here's a cool job. Colin Camerer is a behavioral economist at . Listen to this interview about why he loves what he does and how he does it! #economist #TCCI
⁩ is one the founder of #BehavioralEconomics (and also #NeuroEconomics) and one of the most prolific and insightful researcher in the field I highly recommend not to miss this important interview! ⁦⁩ ⁦