As she often does, provides a cogent summary of how federal policymakers should be thinking about the pandemic in the coming months.
Taking to right now is a strange, slightly melancholy experience: like glimpsing an alternate reality where political leadership is proportionate to the crisis we're facing
Elizabeth Warren was the first presidential candidate to release a plan on coronavirus. In fact, she released three of them. So now, while we’re still waiting for the White House’s first plan, I asked her what she thinks the path forward looks like.
Tackling the pandemic is about doing everything we can now to save lives and keep the economy on life support—but it's also about how we plan ahead and mobilize for a post-coronavirus economy. Here's my full conversation with .
The plans I put out months ago to protect our people & economy from coronavirus are still what a plan should look like today. Read or listen to my talk with on why a national response to save lives will also strengthen our economy.
Ted Kennedy was called the "Lion of the Senate" on account of his tenure and influence. Now another MA senator can fill a national void. As we emerge from crisis, we'll need a plan (or several plans) for our future. I suspect Sen. Warren would oblige. 
. on young people trying to get an education: "The federal government’s response is to lend you the money at interest and then be your biggest creditor for years and years to come. I think that’s an intergenerational crime."
Wow. When it comes to dealing with this coronavirus disaster, is our way out of this. Clearly.
Elizabeth Warren published her first plan for dealing with the coronavirus in January. Here's what she thinks should be done to protect human health and the economy now.
⁩ also talks about how austerity is not going to be the way forward...but an investment in infrastructure, healthcare system, housing, and helping our small businesses. Elizabeth Warren on coronavirus, the presidency, and the economy  - Vox
To win 2020, Biden should pick Warren as VP/covid19 czar. She had a coronavirus plan in Jan. She's well informed on the science and has the expertise/experience to address the economic impact. She's brilliant, practical, and humane.
If you're wondering what a competent virus plan would look like -- and what our future might've looked like if Dems weren't so f'ing stupid -- take an hour to listen to this.
You're either feeling vindicated, or wanting a Mulligan
I would like this person to be our President please. #stillteamwarren
How to Deal with Pandemics by Elizabeth Warren. This is what leadership should look like. Thank you.