Refenforcements: The 52 medical students who pushed their school to graduate early, so they could join the Covid-19 fight. With video of them pledging the Hippocratic oath all at once (almost) from 52 different places. About New York
COVID-19: On Friday, virtual graduation was held two months early for nearly half the 2020 class at NYU’s medical school. Young people stepping up to serve at an hour of crisis. (might be tearing up a little. ok. maybe more than a little)
This is what heroism looks like. If any of these young people were former students of mine, I would be beaming with pride right now. As it so happens, I’m still really proud to be human. So glad to know that there are young people like this in the world.
One Final Step for 52 Medical Students, Eager to Join the Fight - Watch this video - it’s just crazy