Wow, pretty shocking: Riyadh governor is in intensive care with the coronavirus. Several dozen other members of the Saudi royal family have been sickened. The elite hospital that treats Al Saud clan are expecting influx. Up to 150 royals infected.
At least 150 members of the Saudi Royal Family have tested positive for the coronavirus. And Saudi health officials are preparing for hundreds more.
some 150 #Saudi royals are now sick with #coronavirus, but the worst affected are Asian and Arab foreign workers, and those in vast slums around Mecca and Medina, home to large numbers of ethnically African or Southeast Asians who have overstayed visas
As many as 150 royals in the kingdom are now believed to have contracted the virus, including members of its lesser branches.
‘The biggest outbreaks of the virus taking place among non-Saudis. Migrant workers from Southeast Asia or poorer Arab countries live crowded together in large camps outside major cities, sleeping several to a room and riding to work crammed into buses’
150 Saudi Princes struck by Coronavirus - as The country declares ceasefire in Yemen war - The New York Times
"The virus afflicts the richest princes and the poorest migrant workers with no discrimination — at least, until the moment they begin to seek testing or treatment"