The summer 2019 is here—on the insularity of the knowledge economy, the state of our cities (Uber’s destructiveness & China’s pioneering city clusters), the economics of national development, & the literature of liberal exhaustion. Enjoy!
Pleased to share the publication of the spring 2019 issue of , featuring , , & many others!
From "Mexico's Postmodern Populism" to "Principles for Dummies," & just in time for Thanksgiving, the winter 2018 American Affairs is now up—with inter alia , , , , , , & many more
What other journal brings you , Slavoj Zizek, Jim Hankins, and a special web exclusive from - all in the same issue? Run don’t walk.
I recommend Journal of American Affairs : . Thoughtful articles transcend the C19th Left/Right divide
Great to see a new issue of . Including Angela Nagle making the case against open borders!