Dipping my toe into a take on cancel culture in episode 2. #SarahSilvermanPodcast eps 1-5 Here:
JigSpace is on the front page of !! Check out the future of knowledge - #AugmentedReality #edtech #education #ARKit #apple
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WarNymph Radio is now live! With (the most) special guest 🤍🤍🤍 On
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It was a joy to talk with about his career, competition in late night, and his love of feeding people.
Have you checked out Apple’s new privacy piece on their website? Utterly amazing! Even greater privacy embedded throughout, by Design! End-to-end encryption; no sharing of your data with 3rd parties — I could go on and on. Check it out for yourself at
Watch the trailer for my new film NEWNESS and be the first to see it on 11/3! Pre-order today: #NewnessFilm
Here's what it did for "a website like for Twitter"
6" of #snow should not gridlock a city that is used to feet of snow a season. On this week's podcast episode we talk to Winter Weather Expert on why this seems to be a trend. Listen NOW on Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, TuneIn, SoundCloud and more!
This #WorldAIDSDay, join us & Apple in the fight to end AIDS. Apple is donating $1 to the Global Fund for every Apple Pay purchase made at an Apple Store, on or in the Apple Store app – now through December 2.
“Disconnection is a competitive advantage in the hyperconnected world, those of us that are able to disconnect consistently and churn through deeper problems in a deeper way are going to have an advantage.” on The Darkroom Podcast
Last week on Voyage to the Stars: Arnold assumed Captainship of the anomalous ship. Find out what happens next as #VTTS returns in part two of Macabra and Me :
Voyage to the Stars is back with the wholly unqualified crew in outer space, trying to find their way back home to earth... and maybe even further. Join and on their adventures.
#BlackLivesPodcast-Ep.9 In the Era of COVID-19: Prof. Alondra Nelson on Science, Technology, and Social Inequality” w/ hosts & Mabel Wilson Spotify Apple -Stitcher
I have a shopping cart at that I keep full so I can check in on it for delays.
The + iPad Pro commercial is now up on 👀
I’ve had a lot of very kind comments from many people about this podcast with Pip about my life with M.E and M.E awareness. A hard one to do but worth it! iTunes: Spotify: Acast:
NEW PODCAST: When it comes to COVID-19, Rwanda and Uganda succeeded where the US failed. of & and of join to talk about why they were so prepared.
Check out this interview my views on money🤔
, author of the book - "Smellosophy: What the Nose Tells the Mind," joins #MindscapePodcast to talk about all things smell and taste. To access the podcast: Apple: Spotify: #smell #taste #alltheosmias
RT : Listen to the full convo I had w/ founder and about our work in the social sectors through advocacy, food diplomacy & other means. #advocate #artist #globalimpact
Based on an incredible true story. 🇺🇸 Experience #TheOutpostMovie in theaters and On Demand July 3: #scotteastwood #orlandobloom #caleblandryjones #rodlurie #usmilitary #supportthetroops #military
TODAY! In 15 minutes! is #WWDC20, Apple's developer conference. If you're watching livestream and want some company, here's Twitter List of 150+ devs, designers, analysts, ad nerds, and journos. Subscribe in one tap.
Here's another clip from Today's show "Conan The Barkarian." This time I talk about the lib media being unable to take a joke. Download the full show here: Apple:  
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Apple changed font on the top of the Apple TV (even the old one) to San Francisco, but the icons are still in Myriad
There are some jobs where I'm like "that could be relaxing." Running on pre-order day isn't one of those.
dear : Your ipad keyboard is still -- STILL! -- broken and getting absurd "accessory not supported" errors. It's been a year! Does no one read the reviews on !?? I've bought two, had one replaced...
This is now on the homepage. Above many products (such as the AirPods). If you ever had any doubts about how important health is for Apple
You can listen here to the podcast that ⁦⁩ and I did with ⁦⁩ on strategies to safely open the country
I ordered from 12:03 (since it was the first to load) my app didn't load until 12:12 syds app didnt load until 12:35
The new is... svelte. And yes, highly metaphorical. (IT'S ALL SCREEN! GET IT?) #iPhoneX
Also that Apple was doing exactly that with Adobe and other tools to visitors on at the same time.
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20VC: Khosla's Keith Rabois on How To Create Sustainability Behind Growth, How To Assess The Potential ... - #iTunes
Apple stops selling 2015 15-inch MacBook Pro model on (Mike Wuerthele/AppleInsider)
Online #survey in need of #participants on experiences of genital pain
Looks like wasn't the only thing with a critical memory safety error due to type confusion today...