virtual haircuts, with a fleabag kicker! 👑 takes you into her struggle
“Move the comb to the left a bit. The other left. Try holding it like this. More perpendicular. To his head. OK, cut that. Well, that’s OK, too. You’re doing great!” virtually cuts her bangs + her husband's hair as quarantine continues
Hair does not care that we are sheltering in place for who knows how long. It just keeps growing.
If you need a brief break from coronavirus news, read this charming story by about learning to cut her husband's hair with the aide of virtual coach. "It felt a bit like learning to drive with both parents in the car," she writes.
I wrote about hair
I mean, whose home haircut *hasn't* resulted in bleeding, right? basically says, don't try this at home. (And is it a coincidence that there are no photos of the finished product, Erin?)