Perhaps this is just me but it feels as if the gap between constructive critics of tech and people who actually just hate it has never been wider This is an excellent contribution from the constructive side of things
To support this initiative we've drafted a model statute for discussion about basic safeguards re data collection, repurposing, and discrimination. It applies scrutiny drawn from human rights based on transparency, legitimacy and proportionality. 2/n
Indeed. Importantly here we must also recognise privacy is not enough. Even if a risk score is calculated confidentially, if we are coerced to use it, it can be misused. We have drafted a bill to counter this, perhaps Canada is interested?
“continued scrutiny” of the powers under the Coronavirus Act was vital and should reflect the system of oversight used for terrorism legislation." - also used as a model in
The other highly relevant/brilliant resource on #immunitypassports for #covid19 is the draft coronavirus safeguards bill led by esp this section
Re: the previous tweet in this thread, Preprint : The Coronavirus (Safeguards) Bill 2020: Proposed protections for digital interventions and in relation to immunity certificates via