Hello and good morning. I have written about flowers.
Even Darwin, he says — who made careful observations of flowers opening and closing between day and night — never mentioned flowers reorienting themselves after an injury. via
"Life yearns for more." Highly recommend this lovely meditation from , about what we can learn from flowers.
“Humans have always dealt with, and got on after, a catastrophic event; we compensate in whatever way we have to,” Armbruster says. “And that’s sort of what the plants are doing.”
This study on flower resilience is the most beautiful thing I’ve read during the pandemic via #resilience
Here's a nice positive article to read - Vox describes a little bit of science on flower resilience, with thoughts on human resilience too
Armbruster and Muchhala wanted to know what happens when a flower is put in peril. Their research here also speaks to the message: Life yearns for more. via