California, the first to issue a stay-at-home order, is 30th in the US in coronavirus deaths per capita despite China ties. Just about 15 have died in San Francisco compared with more than 10,000 in New York. ⁦⁩ ⁦
California Set the Tone on Coronavirus Shutdowns. What’s Its Next Move?
The Bay Area was the first in the nation to issue stay-at-home orders, led by Santa Clara chief health officer Dr. Sara Cody. As of Monday, San Francisco had recorded just 15 deaths.
Great story featuring Prof. Eleazar Eskin and the effort to gather #COVID19 data in CA and beyond. Good insights into why CA is doing better than expected so far.
4. And sane, competent, science-based leadership at all levels of state government, especially in 's office.
The California conundrum? What explains the state's exceptional performance, relative to other states, to Covid-19? The NYT article offers a few speculations, including warm weather and no Super Bowl parade.