Cisco Systems, McDonald’s, Pfizer, Richard Trumka, all learned of their involvement in consulting with the president only when he mentioned their names on Tuesday evening. w/ and
Trump and his White House cannot organize a meeting or a phone call - not to mention a national response to a pandemic. Does anyone seriously believe he can get this country out of the most serious $$ downturn since the Great Depression. Come on, get real!
An utter shit show described here. An even Trumps handpicked CEO’s don’t think it’s time. Note too desire to be immune from liability if employees are forced to go back to work and get sick and die.
Btw if this reminds you of his disastrous and pointless biz councils from 2017, welcome to deja vu, corona edition: Trump’s ‘Opening Our Country Council’ Runs Into Its Own Opening Problems - The New York Times
Trump was unwilling to invoke the Defense Production Act to get needed medical supplies, but doesn’t think twice about an involuntary draft of corporations for propaganda purposes.
The guys who want to reopen and lead the US economy are too incompetent to organize a meeting.
This administration that enthusiastically supports can't even set up a basic f-ing conference call. "some participants had no notice they would be included, and others could not join in."
Send. In. The. Clowns.