Almost the whole country is in the "Uncontrolled Spread" category 1/
Which state will be the 1st to lockdown again? 8 leading candidates from their recent trends data via
1/9 Weekly epi roundup: US lagging in control, surging in cases. Only the Northeast is at all reassuring, and those gains are at risk. Reopening schools is getting much harder. Drawing from Covid-View and
Not a pretty picture 41 states are in "uncontrolled spread" or "trending poorly" New states adding to the 3rd US surge beyond the Midwest
America is in SO MUCH trouble. Only 8 States are trending now in a direction to #COVID19 control. 42 States are heading the wrong way -- 36 of them have out-of-control epidemics. As a Nation, we're losing our fight w/ #SARSCoV2 -- & it's our own doing.
We do our nightly update of and data for ICU/beds is now unavailable from . A critical indicator is missing. 🤬 With as the only source, they need to aggregate this data and make it public.
Here's today's snapshot of each state's progress in reducing COVID cases/hospitalizations/death, via Green is trending better. Yellow is caution warranted. Red is going downhill. Bruised red is uncontrolled spread. AWFUL.
19 states have uncontrolled spread of #Covid19 now, according to Covid Exit Strategy. This number is growing. Only 5 states are trending better (green); 8 are listed as caution warranted (yellow). In the immortal words of : "It's not good, Dan."
On Wednesday, 19 states were listed as having uncontrolled spread (the deep red) on Covid Exit Strategy's website. Today it's 21.
Five days ago, 21 states were designated as having uncontrolled #Covid19 spread on the Covid Exit Strategy website. Today that number is 30.
So just decided they needed a new color label to capture how far much of the United States is from safely reopening: “bruised red.”
Seriously hot-states. The number of states on the worry watch-list has increased to 10. All but one now looking at limited ICU capacity #covid19US Arizona 🔥 data from
1/ If we are at war with this virus, we need to push away partisanship and attack it with the interventions that work. **Things are getting worse.** We just updated and added a new color, "Bruised Red" to capture the new extremes that we are seeing.
😡 - 2 weeks since the switch from to & we are in the dark again. Daily updates never happened. Last snapshot was from July 23. 29 states see increased hospitalizations & this critical indicator is still missing.
Here's today's snapshot of each state's progress in reducing COVID cases/hospitalizations/death, via Green is trending better. Yellow is caution warranted. Red is going downhill. Bruised red -- the entire lower half of the US - is uncontrolled spread.
Here's today's snapshot of each state's progress in reducing COVID cases/hospitalizations/death, via Green is trending better. Yellow is caution warranted. Red is going downhill. Bruised red is uncontrolled spread.
Per Texas illustrates the importance of paying attention to the entire panoply of data instead of just raw case counts. Case counts are down by 7% . Testing is down 46% Positivity rate went from 12% to 20% This is concerning
One picture is worth a thousand words. Note the trend. Thanks to the great team at .
I mean, I'm not an epidemiologist, but... this looks bad. 3/ Source:
Trump opens presser with an extended speech praising Arizona for not fully locking down and for pushing schools to reopen, and arguing the state is doing well. Arizona has "uncontrolled" spread, an 18% test positivity rate & ICUs are 80% full
8/11 Which states have: 1. Increasing cases, 2 Increasing test positivity, 3. Stable or increasing test numbers, 4. Large numbers of cases? AZ, TX, NC, FL followed by SC, AK. Continued increases likely, unfortunately. Excellent website to track trends
1/ We can #OpenSafely. Together with , , , and we've been tracking how states are progressing on key measures: (1) disease spread, (2) impact on health system & (3) testing robustness What have we learned?
The US average of positive tests is now at 5%. But these 4 states are well above 10% and rapidly rising, reflecting serious spread data from
If you look at COVID Exit Strategy GA is now #1 in the US with 257 cases per million population which means we have uncontrolled spread . We are also one of few states with no mask mandate. Friends, we are doing poorly, in fact we are the worst in the US
We could have been in a much better place. Unfortunately, over the past month, most states went from making progress to now losing ground against controlling this virus. Ramp up testing. Mandate masks. Restrict large gatherings. Trace and quarantine.
Sizzling #SARSCoV2 States 🔥 June 12th, update —The worry-watchlist has increased to 16! (10 yesterday) —Alarming Positive tests % in Arizona, So Carolina, Utah, WA —All but 1 have low ICU availability Data via
18 U.S. States have partially controlled or downward-trending #COVID19 outbreaks. The rest? 32 have "Uncontrolled spread" (dark brown) as of today.
New Mexico is the only state in the country currently "green" for its COVID exit strategy, including such metrics as COVID case trend, percent of ICU beds available, testing rate, etc.
See how your state is doing across all these measures here: 15/
Half the states "Uncontrolled Spread" Notables with very high positive test rates Florida is fully opening
An excellent take by on why COVID data is a public good. PS he was part of the rescue team + started &
Before we can open our country, we need to get the foundational interventions right. There are 20 interventions that every state needs to do to stop the spread of COVID-19. We've cataloged what each state is missing and ways to fix that.
There are 24 states rated red for trending poorly. I've "only" spotlighted are most concerning. The overall US positive test is ~5%. notes today that AZ, NC and AK have their highest N of cases yet. And many states w/ big N new cases👇
TOO SOON: Project puts Maryland in the Red as one of 18 states that cannot safely reopen. Experts say a 10% positive testing rate is the max you want to see before reopening. Maryland's rate: 22.5%. That's the *highest in the country.*
Today half of US states have moved to red = trending poorly. These 5 are the most concerning. Arizona's positive test rate now >18%, South Carolina >13% Data Yesterday's summary below
🚨18 states have "uncontrolled spread" of #coronavirus–including the 3 most populous: #CA, #TX and #FL. Another 13 are trending poorly. #COVID19 cases & hospital/ICU admissions are soaring, as soon will the death toll. This could have been prevented.🤬
1/ As a state leader, you cannot hide from the virus. What you can do is mandate masks, ramp up your testing, require symptomatic folks to isolate, and restrict large gatherings. It has been 3 months since we launched and here's what we're seeing.
4) And the test positivity is still too damn high! Anything over 5% is high. 10% is very high. And 15% is a wildfire. Wisconsin is often over 20%. #COVID19 All figures from.
Here's today's snapshot of each state's progress in reducing COVID cases/hospitalizations/death, via Green is trending better. Yellow is caution warranted. Red is going downhill. Bruised red is uncontrolled spread.
Fucking hell. This graphic from makes all too vivid the situation in the US. Red states are trending badly; dark red is uncontrolled spread.
⚠️At least 29 states have uncontrolled spread of #coronavirus, and another 11 states are trending poorly. Unless we act NOW, new #COVID19 cases will skyrocket even higher in the fall, and MANY more Americans will DIE. #WearAMask #StayHome
We will continue to talk about testing until it’s right. Here’s the state of each state’s testing situation. We have a ways to go. I am convinced that we are working on it. I’m also convinced that it be be slower than we like. 21/
"Unfortunately, our data source for ICUs and beds has been removed by the CDC. Our hope is this loss of critical public health information is temporary." Data on available hospital beds and ICU capacity is important information, so this is...troubling.
Close look at today's shows only four States are improving their #COVID19 situations. Nine States show worrying trends. And ALL of the rest of the country? Damn: "trending poorly" or "uncontrolled spread." You don't want to be in a dark brown State.
Great resource on tracking various metrics (new cases, ICU capacity, and testing) for which states meet the gating criteria to reopen. (Only two meet the criteria: MI and NM.) Check it out as part of the #OpenSafely plan by , & others
If you live in one of these states in red, your state's coronavirus outbreak is still out of control.
What states have the most public health interventions, and which have the fewest? See figure. (From ) #COVID19
Here's today's snapshot of each state's progress in reducing COVID cases/hospitalizations/deaths, via Green is trending better. Yellow is caution warranted. Red is going downhill. Bruised red is uncontrolled spread.
This is an exceptionally good data project that compares states actual stats against the white house guidelines for reopening. The short? There are two (2) states that have passed the gating criteria.
In all of these states, the positivity rate is also increasing. It's not just that they're "doing more testing". That's from Charts are from
6) Hospitalizations have risen substantially in a little under half the states in the last two weeks. The positivity rate is in double digits in 14 states. Find that data here
1/ As we begin to reopen, we must do it safely. Working with collaborators from , , , and we've tracked how each state is doing towards the gating criteria.
Much more information here than most sites. #coronavirus
There are several comprehensive sites which focus on state opening readiness so you can check out your state on a number of dimensions. 7/
has updated our maps the 7/10/20 data run in a few significant manners: 1) Added "BRUISED RED" to indicate "uncontrolled spread" 2) Adjusted metrics to emphasize new cases per million and test positivity rate 3) Useful mouse-overs added for each state
Kentucky is one of only two states in America that has met the White House Guidelines for reopening its economy
1/ We are facing a national crisis, with hot spots happening across the country, and our federal government *still* won't share all of its COVID-response data with the public. I'll explain more about that. As well as the good news and bad news from .
Where is it getting better? Where is it getting worse? The map tells the story.
The turf battle is the politics, but the reality is the 3x a week update of the ICU and inpatient bed data has stopped. & can't report how states are doing on that critical indicator until the data gets shared from the new system.
This map from shows how virtually the entire US is trending poorly on Covid-19. The US also set a record again today for new infections, and coronavirus deaths are once more going up.…
It's been a couple of days since I looked at Covid Exit Strategy. Look at you, Oregon!!! (also 👏 Wyoming)
Data reporting has already halted, after HHS re-directed COVID hospital reporting away from CDC. No more hospital capacity reports and with it, all the data tracking that relied on it
Namaste, you can read it here: : Almost the whole country is in the "Uncontrolled Spread" category 1/ The Upper… Share this if you think it's interesting. 🤖
Today, the US topped the grim milestone of over 2 million confirmed #COVID19 cases. These 20 states continue to trend upwards, and are in the red. ⚠️Now is NOT the time for complacency. #masks4all #publichealth
Latest data from Very high rates of positive tests in these 5 states, all > 10%. Arizona > 20% Next rung down includes Nevada, Georgia, and Oklahoma
Even DC's positive rate — which is still way, way too high, suggesting that not enough people are being tested — is finally falling
Here's a new website that rates states and their anti-coronavirus efforts: How it got started and who is running it:
One of the only things getting better about Covid-19 in the USA is the data and visual representation of how bad Covid-19 is getting in the US.
>State of the Union< 40 states with rising 14d trend cases 34 states w test positivity over 5%, 15 over 10%, 5 over 20% 40 states with rising hospitalization rates per million over 14d 21 states with rising 14d rolling average of deaths
8/10 Switching to , which uses the CDC formulas for state trends. A few states still reassuring: NY, NJ, CT, VT, and HI. WY has low case numbers. MA, MI, ME, Alaska so far stable. All are at risk - a rising tide can swamp all communities.
There is of course a reasonable conversation to be had about how to balance people’s income & health during the pandemic. This is why we released , , and an entire library of resources for states at . 3/
This may be the first site I've seen that clearly states which questions each table is designed to answer & combines data on testing, cases, and health system capacity. + Shows well on mobile, comprehensive - Stoplight colors may be an accessibility issue
Per Both North Dakota and South Dakota are seeing incredible case growth, high positivity rates and grossly inadequate testing
Per 4 states are experiencing low spare capacity for general acute care inpatient beds. All states have at least 20% ICU beds still available.
Your daily reminder that only two states have met the administration's own rather weak criteria for when it might be safe to reduce social distancing restrictions. And yet, off to the races these vaunted safety-crazed governors will go.
How We Reopen Safely - (How I’m reopening safely-staying home to watch this unfold over next 3-4 weeks) #COVID19 #StayHomeStaySafe
Per 10 states have a testing positivity rate under 2.0% 10 states have testing positivity rate over 10% (including Arizona at 25%+)
Per Positivity rates are in the double digits for 11 states. 2 states (Arizona, Texas) are notably off of their peak. Missouri has more than doubled its positivity rate.
How We Reopen Safely - (How I’m reopening safely-staying home to watch this unfold over next 3-4 weeks) #COVID19 #StayHomeStaySafe
This site has nice summary data, and the Texas positive test rate looks really bad:
interesting mapping from "how we reopen safely" *something* like this is very important. the criteria seem reasonable, though I think we need much higher resolution!
Overall in the US, most states had increases during September. New trend feature on the exit strategy website is helpful, although the trends are discouraging. 10/16
Celebrating! Not only is my state still “caution warranted,” a rare and desirable status (thank you ⁦⁩) but all my neighbouring states have improved to “trending poorly.” That makes Michigan safer. A big victory in 2020 America! 🎉🥳💃🏽🕺
Per The number of states in Green has never exceeded 9 and is now done to 3 small, low population states in New England (VT, NH, ME)
If this isn't already on your list of bookmarked sites, has one of the best dashboards out there for tracking trends in each state. With the exception of a handful of states (most hit hard in March/April), it's really not looking rosy. Remain vigilant.
How is your State doing with #COVID19 ? Check out
The US state worry-watch list, June 16th If your state starts with an "A," it's on the list Besides Arizona, South Carolina is most concerning. Some states have improved (MS) Oklahoma: probably not a good place for 20,000 person rally FL comments next data
Website tracking #COVID19 cases in the US decided they need a new color after figuring that "everything red" isn't useful. What will come after "bruised red" I wonder?
Leading the country in "uncontrolled spread" The Dakotas (>300) 8 states above 200 infections per million people (IA 252, TN 230, MO 228, AR 214, AL 206, KS 205, MS 202, OK 202)
A quick summary of the US, July 5th How the country went red in 6 weeks since Memorial Day The big 3 populous states are driving explosive new case growth Arizona is #1 per capita, still 26% positive tests LA, GA TN, SC, NV, AR, MS, UT all very high/M
Since there's no exit strategy and just about the whole country had turned red yesterday, developed a new color code today to make us feel better 😉 Introducing "Bruised Red"
The Divided United States 24 states now have a mandated mask policy; 26 do not Part of the national strategy
The top 6 Either for very high positive test % and increasing, or rate of rise of new cases, or both. All with limited ICU availability data:
Now 11 states are ≥10% positive test rates, with Arizona at 23.9%, still rising, in front of all of them Two clusters: Southeast, with TX and West
Cool site with plans and targets for state-level economy reopenings. #TestAndTrace
2. The top 5 for Positive Test %, all in double digits with Arizona well over 20%, reminiscent of New York City at the beginning of the US pandemic , updated today
Not too many desirable states to be in right now. Vermont, Maine, New York, New Hampshire and California, maybe, I guess? Via
This is a site I keep forgetting to bookmark so remind me next time I ask!! Gorgeous & hideous deets in here.
Checking today to see where we are. Georgia is YELLOW meaning we are “making progress”with testing increasing, percent of + tests at 6.6% but cases decreasing by 7%. ICU availability continues low at 24% and that is concerning.
Examples of states with very high positive test rates (12-23%, increasing), poor levels of testing (13-29% of target) showing decreases in new cases
10/25 CDC has some state- and county-specific data, but there are better sources, unfortunately. Let’s do a deep dive looking at states, starting with . Look at both their tabs but the CDC Beta is better for trends.
Checking today to see where we are. Georgia is YELLOW meaning we are “making progress”with testing increasing, percent of + tests at 6.6% but cases decreasing by 7%. ICU availability continues low at 24% and that is concerning.
Interesting, state-by-state breakdown for the COVID re-opening status/trajectories
p.s. someone share this in the replies, and it's pretty good: And it confirms my concerns re NC. Alas.
Refreshing the map on has become part of my morning ritual. I don't recall it ever looking this bleak.
The President has achieved his goal of flipping most states red. Trending poorly.
had to change the color scheme, i'm assuming because almost all of it was red
SD had increase of 25% in Covid cases in last 2 weeks and has 8.7% test positivity rate - substantially above the 5% target it’s possible to do so much better - some states in the 2% or less range, being above 5% means risks are high of cases surging 3/x
Still not in the green, but only Maine and Vermont are. Hope we stay there or improve... Source
More seriously, this website shows the ICU % occupied, which I'm guessing is a factor in people's decision making: Unfortunately, they don't include a historical graph for that stat.
During a media brief today with we discussed where GA is today in #COVID19 I recommended a few websites besides to look at data including & Dr. Kraft highlighted the importance of personal responsibility.
Since early August, 25 states (26 if you include DC) have issued a statewide #maskmandate that requires the public to wear masks or face coverings across most (or all) indoor & *outdoor* settings outside one's household. Also on COVID Exit Strategy: 😷
The good news: Oregon has regained its yellow Covid-19 status, as California did yesterday. Not so good: that still means only four yellow (not terrible) and two green (good) states.
A new website to track states in their qualifications to re-open: How We Reopen Safely -