Encouraging news from Texas: Two weeks after let retail, restaurants & some other businesses partially reopen there has been no statewide spike in cases, despite big increase in testing. Hospitalization rates are flat, too. Data here
Today Texas had the fewest #COVID19 fatalities since March 30th. We also had the fewest Texans testing positive for COVID in the past 6 weeks. And, we have the 2nd most recoveries from COVID in America. #txlege #coronavirus
NEW: Texas reports record 5,996 new cases of coronavirus and 47 new deaths
NEW: Texas reports record 5,551 new cases of coronavirus and 29 new deaths
There are some meaningful differences in the age distribution of coronavirus cases. In NYC, 24% of known cases are among people 65+, while in Texas, it's 16%. And in NYC, 12% of cases are among people 75+, versus 7% in Texas.
The thing about more tests is that generally, they do not cause more hospitalizations. You can play this game in many states right now
NEW: Texas reports record 6,975 new cases of coronavirus, a record 620 new hospitalizations, and 21 new deaths
Texas reporting 50 new COVID deaths, the highest single day so far, just as the the state preps for slow opening Friday. New cases hit 1,033, first day over 1k since April 10.
UPDATE: Texas began separating antibody tests in COVID-19 data today, following our reporting Friday that it was mixing them w/ viral test stats. As of yesterday 6.4% of 770,241 total tests were antibody tests. Data: Background:
Texas passes 20,000 cases, 500 fatalities, 200,000 tests #COVID19TX update: 🔹20,196 cases (⬆️738) 🔹517 fatalities (⬆️22) 🔹1,419 in TX hospitals 🔹6,486 est. recovered 🔹198/254 counties 🔹205,399 tested #StayHomeTexas, stay 6ft from others, stop germs.
A record 8,181 people in #Texas hospitalized with the #coronavirus today, according to .
I get there's more testing, but is anyone in TX concerned that there were 1693 new #coronavirus cases reported today (over 10k more since May 28) and there are more cases in the hospital there today than in mid-May?
NEW #coronavirus numbers: 182,710 tests 18,923 cases 477 deaths 1,471 hospitalized 5,334 recovered #txlege
NEW #coronavirus numbers: 216,783 tests 21,069 cases 543 deaths 1,678 hospitalized 7,341 recovered #txlege