On the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, we look at ten things that have gotten better and ten that have gotten worse over the decades. A thread
At the top of my #EarthDay reading list is this thoughtful piece from and . It's important to celebrate all that we have accomplished while still recognizing the enormous challenges ahead.
The last 50 years since the first Earth Day have seen some pretty astounding environmental changes. A lot’s gotten way better, a lot’s gotten worse. and I took a look
Take some time today for this beautiful explainer from about how things have changed since the first Earth Day (+ shoutout to Claire O'Neill, who's not on Twitter but was the visual mastermind behind the project)
This piece from is truly definitive - 50 Years of Earth Day: What’s Better Today, and What’s Worse
Happy Earth Day - fifty years ago, I was a grad student and volunteered to teach an elementary school class as part of Earth Day #1 activities. The NY Times list here cites some of the gains and losses since. We must keep fighting!
I remember the first Earth Day and how it sparked my interest in the environment, which eventually led to a career in envirornmental science. Let's hope that the 50th sparks that next generation. Today's reviews progress and challenges since 1970.
Record-Setting Ocean Warmth Continued in 2019 is listed as 10 big failures in report for #EarthDay50
Happy Birthday, #EarthDay.