I’m passionate about representation in Clinical psychology. Me and my friend created a LinkedIn group for aspiring clinical psychologists of Black, Asian and Mixed heritage. I’d appreciate any retweets 😊
"We have to be able to fight on two fronts against the colliding epidemics of HIV and the #coronavirus and at the moment the global solidarity is not there!" Watch 's discussion with here 👉🏾
NanoSafety Cluster Newsletter August issue - submission deadline approaching. Send news and project updates to [email protected]er.eu. Join us: #nanosafety #nano #H2020 #nanotechnology #nanomaterials
@60Minutes Great update from of on our webcast - on the vital and under-appreciated ecosystem/human-systems approach to curbing pandemic risk.
These countries are using #hydrogen in an innovative way (source: ): ✅ #Germany 🇩🇪 ✅ #Scotland 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 ✅ #Japan 🇯🇵 ✅ #England 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 Interested in #GreenHydrogen? Join "Hydrogen News" on LinkedIn: ▶️
"People are going to remember in a time like this, who showed up." founder Sara Blakely shares why now, more than ever, strong company culture is key: . #ThisIsWorking
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Much thanks to the team for our conversation on how #civilsociety is responding to the #covid19 pandemic. Includes recognition of widespread efforts despite civic space restriction, reforms needed to localise resources & globalise accountability 📢
"We need to end the inequalities in the world. When it comes to a #COVID19 vaccine, we must make sure it is available to everyone… The right to health for all has never been more important," says . Watch her conversation w/ 👉🏾
“#COVID19 is a human crisis, not just a health crisis. And while the virus doesn’t discriminate, it’s impact does… The virus has found a very unequal world,” says in discussion with . Watch live 👉🏾
. and I just talked about 1M things, such as how to handle distractions during coronavirus time, some behavioral changes he believes are here to stay, why Iran might be hiding coronavirus data [1/3]
“To live life #Unscripted I would say never stop dreaming!” Tune in with more from on today’s episode of #Unscripted:
Join more than 850 people from 78 countries sharing information and collaborating to take action on #mentalhealth #communications #advocacy #financing The Global Mental Health Action Network (formerly known as the BluePrint Group)
Are you active on ⁦⁩? Feel free to join the Baseline Protocol group and connect with others! #teamwork #blockchain #enterprise #ethereum #ERP #baselineprotocol
Absolutely loving #Nudgestock2020 - so glad not to be traveling down to Margate! Instead 12 hours lof streaming content featuring some of the best minds in #behaviouralscience from across the globe coming up around 5:00pm today
"Progressive forces have taken a back seat for too long. There is a need for a new assertion for peace, justice and prosperity for all. This is the time," says . Catch the conversation here 👉🏾
Quick announcement The Dennis Group is now live on LinkedIn to compliment the Twitter Channel. Let us continue to grow the group so we can influence policies together. 😀 SHARE, &, ENCOURAGE for Colleagues to follow the group.
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Check out 's slides from his #EuroPython talk on ML ops and continuous integration with and #CDD
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🔴📣 recrute un référent laboratoire projets. Poste passionnant ! #Afrique #Ebola #COVID19
We have created a step-by-step approach to get the whole team safely back into the office. We're sharing our plan for anyone to easily adjust and use for their team: #COVID19 #WFH
#SundayThoughts - our CEO shared thoughts on how to globalize #globalhealth & how will help build capacity in the region. Watch his interview here: #AbuDhabi #HealthForAll
Listen in on LinkedIn: and are sharing their business insights on #AllBusiness on .
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Moved to read that Dr. Paul Farmer was recognized by Govt of #Rwanda with Order of Outstanding Friendship-Igihango. Privilege for me to work on behalf of #PublicHealth #OneHealth w/ Inshuti Mu Buzima, on behalf their people.
We hope to see you again in 2021! In person, online, or maybe both! For now, stay in touch on our Centre for #ImpSci LinkedIn group: #impsci20
Take me back to this day and moment when Vas #inspired is with an in person visit Novartis in NJ! So thankful to have remarkable #leadership in spades during the good and challenging times 🙏💫
: 'An exceptional learning journey, honored to be taught by world leading experts & . Thank you for sharing your knowledge and valuable experience in this fast changing space amid the pandemic uncertainties'.
COVID-19 in Africa: watch a joint media briefing with WHO and WEF: (live now)
CSART partner, The University of Saskatchewan’s computational epidemiology lab sharing knowledge from their program of work in COVID-19 modeling.
The NSC Newsletter - Issue 20 is now in production and welcomes your news. Submission deadline is July 17th (ish). Submit via this form: or to [email protected] Visit Join NSC linkedin
Save the date: Nanosafety Training School: From Basic Science to Risk Governance & 4th NanoSafety Forum for Young Scientists 21st March 2021 - 27th March 2021San Servolo Island, Venice, Italy
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Rejoignez-nous sur le live pour ne pas manquer la crème de la crème des Sciences comportementales à l'occasion de notre festival #Nudgestock2020 👉 Au programme cet après-midi retrouvez , , et tant d'autres speakers
FYI: Brock is using previously created blockchain related groups on linkedin/facebook and rebrands them to Brock supporter groups. I was part of one and immediately left. Make sure you are not part of it: ( you are a member.)
Watch: 's #LinkedinLive event discussing how employers can ensure a safe and healthy workplace as businesses reopen. #COVID19 #KnowCOVID #PreventEpidemics
And notes that top-down approaches tend to take away civil liberties that are hard to get back. Stop in and ask questions. Also live on LinkedIn:
Good question from , good response from Dr Ngozi (although I'm not entirely sure what "rejuvenated" means in the context of the WTO- not usually a word that comes to mind when one thinks of WTO).
check LinkedIn. You may have heard about the blunder at Alberta Investment Management Corporation, these nitwits were selling unhedged variance swaps and took a $4 billion dollar loss in March on pension money.
Alumna Tatiana shares her #B2E experience: "BTE is a program that transforms lives and helps young people to focus on their future. BTE is that type of project that all young people in the world should have." Thank you for sharing your story, Tatiana!❤️
Today I shared some useful steps on how to establish a diversity and inclusion committee at your university, workplace, or organization. I hope to offer some transparent ways to lead change in your spheres of influence. The article is available for viewin…
Anyone focused on the vaccine race around #covid19 would do well to listen LIVE now to top virologist Peter Piot and vaccine communication expert ()! FB Periscope LinkedIn
LIVE NOW - : From Tempe AZ signs you can map #SARSCoV2 presence at neighborhood scale within a city. Periscope: LinkedIn:
As a follow-up to my post on Blitzscaling and Airbnb's tough cuts last week, I’d like to share a Coda doc of over 500 AirAlumni who are ready to bring their blitzscaling experience to your startup. Many excellent people on this lis…
Fantastic #sustainwhat look at realistic steps toward economies that literally value *in*valuable contributions of those caring & making.
New York antibody study estimates 13.9% of residents have had the coronavirus, says: Deeply relevant expert chat: YouTube FB Periscope LinkedIn
And we are live with Antiracism at Work: #HelloMonday
Desperate to expand communities healing the #pandemic economy & health-care system? This #sustainwhat episode is for you! Choose your platform here: A key reading: Health in the #Anthropocene:
Hey I’m live and kicking on the 11FS Breakfast Show! GOOD MORNING BRITAIN
My talk on the state of globalization with the editors of Harvard Business Review
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Thanks for the opportunity to talk about innovation amidst a pandemic yesterday on #LinkedInLive Recording of the conversation with Craig Silliman is here #innovation #COVID19
> : It's a very challenging story to put a human face on. We're fighting this war that no one can see. Please watch and share our inaugural #ThrivingOnline Monday #sustcomm webcast: FB YT LNK 2/2
My inaugural Telegraft From the President’s Desk: Building Roads to Scientific Advancement, Professional Development, and Inclusive Diversity in Cell and Gene Therapy
Yes - this is an entirely real thing that really happened. Her field leans pretty far left. "Schabel" is a serious J-exec, who did 3 years at a top university, will finish the degree, and has worked on major projects. Here's her bio, if you have LinkedIn...
Entrepreneur has signed on to Alphabet's as the new CEO
. Yes #Masks and #SocialDistancing, #SocialDistance work, here is why
A particularly inspiring #notalkingheads music session this morning! Do pause your scrolling, take a listen and share on whatever platform you prefer. FB YT PSCP LNK
Today I explored some ways to get out of this mess, at least if/when another pandemic or other calamity hits: FB LNK PSCP YT
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