A call from a university chancellor set in motion a private sector effort to procure 50 million masks, gowns and swabs for U.S. medical facilities
“10 days after Mr. Hawgood called , had found more than 50 million pieces of protective equipment, with millions already delivered.” on how business activated to bring PPE to frontline medical workers
We can't offer enough gratitude to all the essential workers during #COVID19. A big thank you to everyone involved to bring more PPE to our communities. 👏👏👏
Great article on and ’s incredible efforts to bring over 50M units of PPE to the hospitals that need it most
A marathon effort, involving global teamwork and leadership, all in a effort to protect the health and lives of our brave heroes. ❤️ Marc Benioff’s $25 Million Blitz to Buy Protective Gear From China - The New York Times
We will always be in gratitude to our tremendous friends who came to our aid when we desperately needed PPE to prevent the spread of Coronavirus to our doctors, nurses, police, fire, & 1st responders. If you need PPE: .
7/9 Great to see in Chancellor Sam Hawgood working w/ Marc , who spent $25 million & worked supply chain miracles to get 50 million masks, gowns & swabs for American medical facilities, working w/ so many other corporate champions!
Three cheers - again - for Marc #Benioff! - Marc Benioff’s $25 Million Blitz to Buy Protective Gear From China
Glad to see the story of the selfless hustle has put in to get PPE to the frontlines. All while having 2 day jobs as CO-CEO of & EVP Strategy . So what are you doing at home? :)