BREAKING NEWS! Post-op RT for early breast cancer, FAST-Forward RCT is out! 26 Gy/5F/1wk non-inferior to 40 Gy/15F/3wks, upper 95% CI of difference in 5-year local control=0.3%. Equiv. late effects. ➡️25+ years of systematic clinical research: 25➝15➝5F
Future is 5 fractions! Now we have to identify patients optimally suited for whole breast, partial breast, or no irradiation at all. #OncoAlert
In this week's issue—Hypofractionated breast radiotherapy for 1 week vs 3 weeks (FAST-Forward): 5-year efficacy and late normal tissue effects results from a multicentre, non-inferiority, randomised, phase 3 trial
One week versus three week breast radiotherapy changes in practice
Not everyday that a #radonc trial hits The Lancet. Another success for short course RT (this time in breast ca) thanks to the impressive UK RCT engine. Very timely given focus on lowering risk of #COVID19 transmission by minimizing clinic visits. #bcsm