There's an absolute glut of Covid tracking apps around the world — literally dozens gathering info on people's location or contacts to curb the virus. Can they help? What are the pitfalls? Will people use them? & I take a look 1/
Of course, there are privacy implications for such surveillance, which is why groups are now looking at privacy-protecting apps, which reduce the data shared with health authorities.... 5/
via Amazing variety of #COVID19 contract tracing apps. #DP3T is effective and preserves privacy
There 's remarkable confusion about smartphone apps to help counter #COVID19 by by Contact tracing ≠ digital surveillance 1/x
A Scramble for Virus Apps That Do No Harm - The New York Times. With links to the #DP3T Github repo!
Is the pandemic a situation where doing something, albeit imperfectly, is better than doing nothing at all?
A Scramble for Vi rus Apps That Do No Harm, By Jennifer Valentino-DeVries (), Natasha Singer () and Aaron Krolik () /
A Scramble for Coronavirus Apps That Do No Harm