‘To make everyone feel safe going back to work, we must commit to spending $100 bn per year to purchase about 9 bn tests per year’ This kind of ‘confidence-building’ bridge to a #COVID19 vaccine makes sense to me. Wisdom from Prof ⁦
Why nursing homes are at the top of my list: "David C. Grabowski,... who studies nursing homes, said that when the final data is in, nursing homes will probably account for about half of all of the Covid-19 deaths."
Some unpleasant arithmetic: $11 billion for Tests by States Could Run Out in 8 Days
Other people who deserve to be tested on a daily or weekly basis
So I’ll add the point is not to keep us in lockdown forever, or until there’s a vaccine, but we need some better #s of local baseline prevalence and key to that is way more testing, & not re-opening w/o data. I like these views:
Other people who deserve the protection that we could offer if we tested the people around them on a weekly or daily basis