More than 30 people have died in Georgia prisons of COVID-19, including 2 at Ware State. People incarcerated at Ware State say people infected with the virus are not being kept apart from other people.
COVID keeps spreading in prisons. New cases among prisoners hit another all-time high this week, and more than 78,000 have tested positive. New data from /:
2/ The death toll, which the leader of called “unprecedented,” is the second highest among state prison systems, according to the .
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By June 16, at least 46,249 people in prison had tested positive for COVID-19—a 5 percent increase from the week before, according to a state-by-state tracker from & .
The toll continues to mount: follow tracker to see infections, deaths, testing rates in prisons X-country -- the incarcerated and staff. Cheers to and staff +
The incarcerated aren’t the only people getting COVID-19 in prisons. In our latest / numbers, we see a sharp rise this week in prison workers getting sick.
NEW: The Marshall Project is collecting data on COVID-19 infections in state and federal prisons. We've just updated the numbers. And now you can see how the virus has affected correctional facilities where you live.
The number of coronavirus cases in American prisons continues to grow. Now more than 34,000 prisoners and nearly 8,000 employees have tested positive. New updated numbers in our tracker from /
COVID-19 is still spreading inside prisons too, increasing 8 percent from last week. There are now over 52,000 cases behind bars nationwide. At least 616 prisoners have died.
We just updated our state-by-state tracker of coronavirus in prisons. As of Wednesday, at least 29,251 people behind bars had tested positive for COVID-19, up 19% from the week before. At least 415 have died, an 11% increase from last week.
Today, we updated our prison COVID-19 tracker to include how many staff have been diagnosed with and died from the virus. So far we tallied 6,193 positive cases and 22 deaths. From , and my amazing colleagues at
New Jersey alone is experiencing 160 deaths per 100,000 prisoners, a rate that is 110% higher than New Jersey overall . Check the numbers. There's no place for doubt any longer.
We just published a new update to our tracker of COVID-19 infections and deaths in state and federal prisons, in partnership with .
The danger of COVID-19 in prisons isn’t just to the incarcerated. Prison employees—correctional officers, nurses, chaplains, wardens and others—are getting sick in growing numbers. is tracking the virus’ effect on them, state-by-state:
New count of COVID cases in America's prisons: 25,239.
Here are some of the latest stats from the
As reported by here, jails and prisons in many communities have become flashpoints for transmission of COVID-19. Thousands upon thousands of infections inside and around the jails.
For more on COVID-19 in prisons, see here
One stat that bundles SO MANY problems--#COVID19, creeping #fascism, racism & mass incarceration, a failure to provide basic healthcare: 70,717 #coronavirus cases among incarcerated people. Make no mistake: This is DOUBLE JEOPARDY.
Very interesting data from on a state-by-state look at coronavirus in prisons. What is up with Ohio?