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Coronavirus health passports for UK 'possible in months'
“Facial biometrics could be used to help provide a digital certificate – sometimes known as an immunity passport – proving which workers have had Covid-19..” Nope. And I want to see accuracy figures on the biometric tech used.
"Health passports"? If somebody else can do the hard stuff about immunity, here's a company to run a government-preferred *identity* system. Under what law?
No thanks for these #SARSCoV2 Immunity Passports & Certification. I'll take the immunity, skip the passport. Until we get the serology tests, privacy, ethics issues on track.
Coronavirus UK: health passports 'possible in months' | Health policy ⁦⁩ take a look at this. Facial recognition + immunity...
Coronavirus UK: health passports 'possible in months' - awful idea #surveillance #privacy
So now the immunity passport, which comes after *centralized* contact tracing is in place, is combined with facial recognition. Anything else you would like to add to this comprehensive package of surveillance? Now is the time to pitch ideas your ideas
Another target rich hacker environment proposal with added dystopian overtones for your morning.
Who says KYC isn’t useful
'Possible' is not the same as realistic. If only it were.
In more #MondayMotivaton news, “the UK-based firm Onfido, which specialises in verifying people’s identities using facial biometrics, has delivered detailed plans to the government…”