Believe women* * Certain exclusions apply.
Huh. Democrats are actually going with the talking point that Blasey Ford has more corroborating evidence than Reade. Best of luck with that!
"Democrats are not being asked to hold themselves to the same standard they apply to others. They would never have the audacity to demand that their political opponents act on a story with as many ambiguities as Reade’s." Did everyone sleep through 2018?
Good arguments in this column, but Dems' handling of the non-Ford allegations against Kavanaugh is a lot to brush past. That's where the difference in standard from Biden is most stark.
Important nuanced piece on the critical differences between the Ford and Reade cases.
All it took for #MeToo to become a danger was one allegation against Joe Biden—hilarious, sad, and predictable Democrats, Tara Reade and the #MeToo Trap
Split in the Biden camp betw. those saying "Biden is guilty but we have to stick with him," and the much larger number who are embarrassing themselves trying to dismiss his accuser. Michelle Goldberg's apparently decided to go with the latter.
As usual, has written the most sensible column on a giant political mess others have had trouble figuring out how to think about: Democrats, Tara Reade and the #MeToo Trap
Important piece by Michelle Goldberg.
BIDEN DEFENDERS WEIGH IN: "Personally, I’d sleep better if the party had a different, more vibrant candidate."
This column is tendentious and disingenuous with all its disclaimers. "That doesn't mean it didn't happen," multiple times, accumulates into the assertion that it did not, or amounts to a constant drumbeat of innuendo to that effect.