Bats seem to have a special relationship with viruses. While some see this as cause to vilify the animals, experts argue that bats could be our allies—not our enemies—in the battle against infectious disease. My latest for
Bats have been getting a bad rap lately for their role in the spread of the coronavirus. But humans have much to learn from their remarkable ability to coexist with deadly viruses, reports.
Through the invasion and destruction of the world’s wild spaces, humans have driven their own exposures to animal pathogens — a cycle that’s only fueled when people act on bat-based fears.
Great piece from on why we shouldn’t blame bats for COVID but instead appreciate all they have to teach us. Honored to have been able to help contribute.
When most mammals detect a viral invader, they’ll battle it with inflammation, a weapon that helps purge the pathogen from the body but can also wreak havoc on the host’s own tissues. Bats, on the other hand, are able to tamp down these risky responses.
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Nice to see many of my bat disease research colleagues quoted in this story, but the best quote goes to ... ! Covid-19 Reignites a Contentious Debate Over Bats and Disease via
Covid-19 reignites a contentious debate over bats and disease. 🦇 #Bats #Viruses #Pathogens #ViralDiseases #COVID19 #SARSCoV2