The bad news: tests are dubious to facilitate safe reopening The good news: they're getting better, faster, cheaper, both for antigen/virus & antibodies
Companies are rushing to adopt coronavirus symptom-checking apps and fever-scanning cameras to screen their employees. But the tools can be inaccurate and violate privacy.
The U.S. might not end up with a system of government surveillance for Covid. But employers are lining up to monitor workers' interactions and temperatures — so will such measures become ubiquitous anyway? takes a look at the tech.
“Do we really want a world where some people can go to work and others can’t based on their immunity status?” asks SLS's . “The people who can’t will say, ‘This is unfair,’ and they’ll be right.” via
"There was little evidence to suggest that the new tools could accurately determine employees’ health status or contain virus outbreaks, even as they enabled companies to amass private health details on their workers."
Employers Rush to Adopt Virus Screening. The Tools May Not Help Much. - The New York Times
Oops. Tweeting this again w/the correct link this time! (Altho that orphans a couple of "likes"). A piece on employer Covid screening (warning - quotes me) (relax - not very much)