Report by shows real time tracking of #Covid_19. Median estimated cumulative number of people infected in England up to 11 May is 6.5M, ranging from 5M to 8.5M. 's back of the envelope calculation on show was 3.5M up to 7M!
Latest report on Nowcasting and Forecasting of #COVID19 led by & is now available
The current trajectory of this phase of the epidemic is now beyond what was outlined in the 'reasonable worst case scenario".
New report on our real-time tracking of COVID-19 has been published. Our current estimate of the number of infections occurring each day across England is 47,000. #Covid19UK #coronavirus #Rrate #epidemic #DataScience
Our latest updates on the real-time modelling of #COVIDー19. We estimate it is very likely that Rt <1 in most regions of England and that the number of infections remains static #Statistics #DataScience #epidemic #coronavirusuk #rrate
Our latest real-time tracking of #COVID19 shows it is very likely that Rt is close to 1 in most regions of England. We predict the number of daily deaths is likely to be between 43 and 84 by mid-August. #Statistics #rrate #coronavirusuk
Results of our latest real-time modelling of #COVIDー19 are here . We estimate it is very likely that Rt is below 1 in each region of England #Statistics #DataScience #epidemic #coronavirusuk #rrate
Here's the Cambridge Uni model showing Covid infections at negligible rates in London - and also highlighting regional variation