Has a politician ever presided over a worse debacle than Cuomo in NY over Covid 19, and ever been so lavishly praised for it?
The outcomes over which Andrew Cuomo has presided are so terrible and their contrast with the adulation he’s received so stark that it’s impossible to see the cult of personality around him as anything other than a contrivance.
Excessive adulation of Cuomo and his handling of the pandemic? A contrarian viewpoint. via
The Indefensible Cult of Cuomo - by Noah Rothman
Good piece tearing down the "Cult of Cuomo" w/ surgical precision without touching what may be 's greatest failing: condemning incarcerated people to death by rolling back #bailreform, ignoring #LessIsMoreNY, & not using clemency.
The Indefensible Cult of Cuomo
Even a cursory review of Andrew Cuomo’s record during this event should disqualify him from the excessive adulation he’s received. [correct link]
My latest: The Indefensible Cult of Cuomo
Folks seem to be catching up, but the contrived cult of Cuomo shouldn't be forgotten.