Whilst UK has made decent strides on renewable power, it is really poor on renewable heat And new policy proposals won't change that: at proposed rate, will take more than 1,500 years to meet net zero emissions
😲Did you know? Less than 500k UK homes have #lowcarbon heating. At the rate of current govt plans it will take over *1,500 years* to install the 19 million heat pumps says we need for #netzero Read today's blog from & Samuel Thomas
Net zero is nowhere in sight for UK clean heat policy
#Netzero is nowhere in sight for UK clean heat policy. Why the UK plans for clean heating are hugely disappointing. Piece be me and on blog and .
The government recently published their proposal for the future of clean #heat policy. Samuel Thomas & of say it isn't good enough. They outline why it's incompatible with the government’s #netzero target for 2050 in our blog.
Risible progress on low-carbon #heating, says .